UCESPP Protection Plan

Who We Are?

UCES Protection Plan has a strong track record of working with customers to gain control over their finances and kick debt to the curb. Our keys to success is simple – we put people first, we take pride in our products, and create the most intuitive technology in the industry.

What We Offer?

The best in technology along with over 17 years of experience equals results! With the best product offerings in the industry, we have helped hundreds of thousands of customers improve their credit, take charge of their life, and achieve their financial goals.

Our Vision & Mission

Established in 2004, UCESPP has been helping clients improve their credit profile and financial well being for several years. We are a customer-focused, results-oriented organization committed to developing strong relationships, delivering predictable results and teaching innovative credit and credit score solutions. We combine superior customer service, excellent pricing, consistent results and the education needed to deliver the best results to our customers.

Why Choose UCES?

Build your finances with the services of a company that wants to help you to get out of debt, reach your financial goals and move forward with confidence. UCES offers:

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Monthly membership to a bundle of incredible financial services

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Access to additional credit-building tools and services to support your financial journey

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A hardworking, friendly customer service team

Our Success Stories

Our partners work with us because they believe in the value of our platform.

We are Here to Help You

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