UCESPP Protection Plan

Credit Builder

Understanding how your credit score is calculated and how to read your credit report are the first steps in improving your current standing. Our Credit Education Center offers a wide variety of educational services, credit tips and resources to help you take the necessary steps to enhance your credit score and manage your financial life. Improve your score by identifying the accounts that need immediate attention and why, and understand the impact of the amount of credit you are using.


  • Customizable documents and letters to creditors.
  • Credit-building tips and techniques.
  • Financial literacy quiz.

A Breakdown of the Credit Scoring System

Understand the credit scoring system; how it works and how it impacts your financial health and freedom.

Credit Management Techniques

Details on how your financial actions can impact your credit score and how to enhance your current score

Education and Resource Center

Includes a wide variety of educational services, credit tips and budgeting tools to establish and maintain your good credit.